Privacy Policy

This document outlines our policy on data collection and how the data we collect from customers is used. takes customer security and privacy very seriously and implements every necessary measure to safeguard client's data. If any of the following information is unclear, please get in touch with our customer service team before using our website or any of our services.


Upon accessing, the company automatically collects and stores basic information from each of our visitors. This may include your current location and IP address, the browser and type of device you are using, your age, gender, browsing activity while present on our website and other demographic-specific data. Unless you go ahead with an order for any of our products, we do not collect or store confidential personal information such as your full address or name.

COOKIES AND WEB BEACONS uses cookies and similar tools to improve and the overall experience for our customers. Cookies are small files places on your computer to remember your own personal browsing preferences and habits. Cookies are used to ensure that websites are presented in the correct language, to ensure that marketing materials are tailored to your interests and so on. You are perfectly within your right to delete and block cookies from your browser - read the instructions for your browser if you wish to do so.


We will never sell or loan or any of the personal information we collect and store from our customers with any other third parties, unless require to do so in accordance with applicable law. Please be advised that you are under no obligation to provide us with any personal information whatsoever at any time. Nevertheless, should you refuse to provide us with your personal information upon request, it may not be possible to go ahead with the product or service purchase you require. Our website has been designed exclusively for those over 13 years of age. By accessing, you confirm that you meet this minimum age requirement.


For more information on our privacy policy or to discuss an order, get in touch with the customer service team today.



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